Pocket Reader on Emacs

Published on Feb 6, 2022, by Junji Zhi

I found this gem: pocket-reader.el. It is one of those low-key packages that just works. Kudos to alphapapa!

pocket-reader.el does what it says: It allows you to read Pocket articles on Emacs. If you use Firefox, it's handy because Pocket is built in on Firefox. All you have to do is sign up a Pocket account and authorize pocket-read.el.


Then you are just a button click away from saving articles and reading them later.

pocket-read.el demo (image source: pocket-reader.el)

This setup requires you change your habit to the Read-it-Later flow. If you are not familiar, Tiago Forte has a good post explaining this flow.

It feels liberating for me to know that an app remembers the interesting long-form writings, and I can come back any time in the future, on Emacs!

What's interesting is, pocket-reader.el integrates well with elfeed, as I can save an elfeed entry to pocket, and read it later like any other web articles.

Happy reading!