Setting up elfeed for RSS feeds

Published on Oct 7, 2021, by Junji Zhi

elfeed is awesome!

I blogged about how I use elfeed to manage all my RSS feeds and read them in the distractionless Emacs window.

This post is about setting up elfeed.

In Doom Emacs. You just enable/uncomment the rss app in init.el, and configure the RSS sources either with the (setq elfeed-feeds ...) directly, or with +org and configure in ~/org/ (I preferred the latter).

If you are not in Doom Emacs, follow elfeed doc to set it up. Their README is straight forward.

The usage is simple:

2021-10-06 21 28 59

You can do instant search by pressing the s key, read a feed by pressing enter, or mark a feed as read, and press g to refresh the list.

One quirk I learned is that, elfeed don’t really delete your feed. If you don’t want to see them as again, just mark the feed as read, and refresh.

Happy reading!