Manage Web Bookmarks with Emacs + buku

Published on Sep 30, 2021, by Junji Zhi

buku CLI bookmark manager. For those of you who don’t want to store bookmarks data in Chrome or Firebox, buku is an alternative.

It comes with an Emacs major mode: ebuku!

Type M-x ebuku you get:


Then you can search(s), open(RET), edit(e), etc. with Emacs interface.

Note: For copying URLs, ebuku doesn’t have support yet. I have opened a PR. Meanwhile you can copy the (ebuku-copy-url) function to your config and try it out locally.

Edits on 2022-03-05:

I didn’t end up using buku a lot after writing this post, mainly I still use Firefox for my main browser and its bookmarks are good enough for me.

Also, I blogged about setting up pocket-reader.el to read my bookmarked articles. That’s the setup that I currently use.