AI Paraphrasing on Emacs

Published on Mar 18, 2022, by Junji Zhi

If you are like me and do all your writing on Emacs, you probably setup spelling & grammar checks on Emacs already. Sometimes you want Emacs to go a step further. What if Emacs can assist writers who need to paraphrase large text blocks — like replacing words with synonyms?

A while ago I built aide.el, a lightweight elisp wrapper for OpenAI. aide.el could accept a region or the entire buffer and send it to OpenAI for autocompletion.

However, autocompletion is not really paraphrasing. Even though we could build the instructions or examples in the prompt to tell AI to paraphrase it, it does not always work.

Recently OpenAI announced the new GPT-3 capabilities. So I updated aide.el to use the new Edit & Insert APIs (Still in beta, as of writing).

Let's see the new function aide-openai-edits-region-replace in action:

aide.el paraphrase interest rates text with openai on doom emacs

(The sample text was taken from

After you select a region of text, invoke the command, and send it to OpenAI, and replace the region with the result.

With this new function, it should help your text editing and supercharge your writing!

P.S. aide.el is open-source and hosted in Github.