Open org-capture buffer in a new frame

Published on Feb 15, 2022, by Junji Zhi

By default, org-capture opens a popup buffer at the end of current window, and allows to type in the content. But I find the current buffer displays too much info, and I was looking to maximize / full-frame the org-capture buffer.

Tried a few suggestions, but they didn't work.

I found a different solution instead: +org-capture/open-frame.

And I can customize the frame size:

(setq +org-capture-frame-parameters '((name . "doom-capture")
                                      (width . 170)
                                      (height . 110)
                                      (transient . t)
                                      (menu-bar-lines . 1)))

Now org-capture can open in a new frame with the size I want, and doesn't mess with current window setup at all.