Idea: Get AI to write lisp!

Published on Jan 16, 2022, by Junji Zhi

After playing OpenAI and writing some elisp at the same time, I come up with this crazy idea: We can "outsource" the mechanical part of function/macro writing to AI.

We have seen how accurate Github Copilot helps autocomplete code in VSCode.

The interesting bit about lisp is that, it has powerful macros, which allows defining DSLs easily and create new programming languages. On the other hand, AI knows all programming paradigms as well as natural language texts.

Given a task, 1) we can define a function skeleton and get AI autocomplete a bunch of mundane functions, or 2) generate a list of steps in natural language, map them to lisp code (the structure should be close to natural language), and then AI writes macros & functions to "implement" that language!

The 2) idea is more interesting because AI is trained from existing code corpus. In a sense, we are crowd-sourcing the DSL generation with the help of AI.

Of course, I'm not an expert in AI or programming languages, and I have not yet tried to implement it. so take the idea with a grain of salt.

Thoughts? Feel free to leave me a comment.