Navigating info buffers (C-h i)

Published on Dec 13, 2021, by Junji Zhi

I found the info mode hard to use so I made a personal cheat sheet.

Background: Emacs has built-in TeXinfo that is helpful to learn about certain topics, like org-mode. To invoke the info manual, you can do M-x info, of use the keybinding: C-h i.

There is good information recorded in info buffers. But the default key binding is different from our everyday programs.

Below are the navigation keys I need to consult from time to time:

  • m -> jump to a link
  • l or r -> go backward or forward in history
  • u -> go up one level
  • [ or ]: go to previous or next node

I will add them to a cheat sheet until they become muscle memory.