Firefox -> Org Capture

Published on Nov 9, 2021, by Junji Zhi

When you are reading an article in a webpage, you come across an idea and want to org-capture the words/sentences. What do you do?

Naive way

An intuitive way is highlight the content you want to capture, copy it, switch to Emacs, run org-capture and yank it there.

Would it be nice if our browser sends content to org-capture directly with a shortcut?

Org-protocol and custom JS

Org-protocol is the backbone here. The basic ides is navigate to a link with the org-capture protocol header and the OS figures out Emacs is the app to open it.

Now that the underlying mechanism is there, our next step is figure out the script that drives it.

Org-protocol docs about Mac OS X is a bit out of date, but it has hints about the Javascript logic:

document.location.href = 'org-protocol://capture://' +
  encodeURIComponent(location.href) + '/' + 
  encodeURIComponent(document.title) + '/' + 

From here, it becomes the question of how to run the custom JS code.

There are two ways:

Method 1: Bookmarklet

Use Bookmarklet and make it a button in the bookmark bar

Create a bookmarklet with custom

The JS code is similar but has to be wrapped with a javascript prefix:


With it, you can highlight some text on a page and hit the bookmark on your toolbar. It will send to your org capture buffer right away

Method 2: Use ShortKeys

You can assign a shortcut to run custom JS


Now I can highlight any text on a weg, then press ctrl-i.

Boom, it shows in the beautiful org-capture buffer.

NOTE: Org-protocol supports org-store-link and org-remember URLs as well. You can build URLs with the similar JS code.