Insert Templated Code Blocks with Yasnippet

Published on Sep 28, 2021, by Junji Zhi

When editing org file with code blocks, sometimes we want to print out the stdout, pipe the output to a file. As a result, we may type :results option near the code block a lot.

This post is about using the power of Yasnippet to streamline the workflow.

Below is my snippet for inserting a scripting code block and set the result to output:

# key: <so
# name: src-script
# --
#+begin_${1:$$(yas-choose-value '("src"))} ${2:$$(yas-choose-value '("bash" "ruby" "elisp"))} :results output

Now if I type <so and press TAB, it expands the block, prompts me to select language, or to enter the name of output file.

Example of going through the <so flow and selecting bash:

#+begin_src bash :results output
echo "test"

Note: There was a small quirks with #begin_src block when inserting as a plaintext, so I create the extra field to disable eval error. It results in an extra enter keystroke and a TAB, but it is good enough for my use.